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How to make Airfood Recipe

In this article, we have collected the list of the 10 best airfood recipe ideas you can try at home. Airfood is a new type of food that has been around for a long time. It is not ordinary food, it has a very special taste. You can enjoy the freshness of the air food. It is very healthy. You can make the air food with your family or your friends. You can make the airfood recipe at home. You can make the air food in a big size. Air food is a healthy, tasty food that can be made in minutes.

There are many types of air food. Some are cooked in the oven, some are cooked in a microwave oven and some are cooked using an infrared cooker. Airfood is one of the most popular types of airfood .  Cooking is a skill that can be learned and with the right tools, you can cook a great meal in the comfort of your own home. But cooking doesn’t need to be complicated. With a few simple ingredients and a few easy-to-follow steps, you can quickly cook a delicious meal for your family. In this article, I’ll share the 10 best airfood recipe ideas that you can try at home.

What is the exact meaning of Airfood?

An airfood is a type of dish made by suspending ingredients like bread, cheese, and fruit in whipped cream or meringue. It’s a great starter when served on a bun or a plate. You can slice your cake put it in a cupcake tin, wrap the cake in bacon for a fast lunch or fill your bar with maraschino cherries for a super-sweet dessert.

Air foods are very low in calories and good for your health. You’ll have no trouble whipping up healthy low-calorie meals in a flash.

We’ve collected the 10 best airfood recipes for you. Some are vegetarian and some are meaty.


1. Celery juice

Celery juice is one of the great things for you if you are traveling on a plane or even you can try it at home. it’s very healthy and easy to make . Celery is an excellent source of vitamin C. It is a popular airfood recipe. It is good for your health. You will be surprised by the taste. It’s also a very common ingredient in the kitchen.

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Ingredients: 1/2 cup celery juice 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon honey.

Directions: First, you need to wash the celery. Then cut the leaves and remove the center of the stalks. Then, you need to add all the ingredients into a blender. Blend until it becomes a smooth consistency.

Yes here is your celery juice ready to drink.

2. Pop Corns – airfood recipe

If you want something salty and crunchy then there is nothing better than popcorns. popcorns are very easy to make. There are many ways to flavor your popcorn at home or even in airplane with just an oven with less ingridents and mess.


Ingredients: 2 cups popcorn kernels 1/3 cup oil Salt

Preparation: Fill a large pot with water and bring it to a boil. Put the popcorn kernels into the pot. While the kernels are popping, heat the oil in a small saucepan. When the oil is hot enough to fry bacon in, add the salt and stir until the salt is dissolved.

Here your Popcorns are ready!

3. Roasted veggies – airfood recipe

if you want something that is healthy and tasty too then you must try Roasted veggies. it is good for airfood recipe. Roasting vegetables is a healthy way to serve them because it doesn’t require large amounts of oil or butter to do.

Roasted veggies are easy to make and they taste great. You can even use frozen vegetables if you don’t have fresh ones.


Ingredients: 2-3 medium size potatoes 1 bunch of carrots 1/2 pound of asparagus 4-5 green beans 1/2 pound of onions olive oil salt & pepper.

Preparation: Wash the vegetables and cut them into bite size pieces and add them to the oven and mix oil and salt then it’s ready to eat.

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4. Toast Sandwich – airfood recipe

A toast Sandwich is a great idea for a tasty airfood recipe meal. This is a great recipe for kids too. A toast sandwich is easy to make and it’s a great way to get your kids to eat their vegetables. It’s also a great way to use up bread that’s starting to go stale.


Ingredients: bread slices, meat, mayonnaise, cheese, and veggies.

preparations: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Slice bread in half and toast until slightly browned. Spread with mayonnaise then layer on lettuce and tomatoes. sliced cheese on top of lettuce and tomatoes. Place a slice of bread on top of the meat, cheese, and veggies then bake for 5 minutes. You can also add bacon or sauteed mushrooms to this recipe.

5. Grapefruit – airfood recipe

Grapefruit is an excellent snack for you. it’s citrus fruit high in minerals and antioxidants and a healthy fruit to eat, which is also good for your skin.

It has been known to help in weight loss and digestion. This grapefruit is sweet and tart with a fresh flavor. You can try the snack with some nuts or chocolate for a more fun taste.

6. Air Fried Fish

If you are looking for an air-food recipe, then you can try the air-fried fish. The air-fried fish is a type of air food. It is very delicious food.


Ingredients:All you need to make the air-fried fish is a fish and some seasonings. You can use the seasonings such as pepper, salt, and lemon.

Preparations: In order to make the air-fried fish, you need to mix the seasoning with water. Then you need to put the fish in the water. Then you need to cook the fish in the oven for a few minutes. If you want to make the air-fried fish more delicious then you can add some oil to the water.

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7. fresh fruit salad

Are you looking for something really tasty and healthy? then you have one of the best airfood recipe options and its fresh fruit salad.This is a healthy dish that will leave you full and satisfied.


INGREDIENTS: banana,grapes,apple,oranges ,pineapple,guava and yogurt.

Preparations: Just cut all the fruit into small pieces and mix Greek yogurt in it and it’s ready to eat.

8. french fries

This is easy to make within minutes and a something which is really tasty.

Ingredients: 1 large potato Salt 2 tbs of olive oil and Black pepper

Preparations: Boil the potatoes for 5 minutes then cut in half, leaving the skin on. Put the potato halves in a bowl and pour over the olive oil, salt, and pepper. Mix well and serve immediately.

9. Air-fried chicken

You know chicken that has been fried in oil is healthier than chicken that has been air-fried. It has a 70 to 80% calorie reduction and is significantly less fat.

Recipe for chicken fried in oil Fried chicken is usually made with either corn or wheat flour or both. In addition to the usual flour, other ingredients may be added to the flour to give the coating extra flavor and texture. These include spices, herbs, and sometimes salt and sugar. The batter is then coated onto the chicken, which is then deep-fried.

10. Rice cakes – airfood recipe

Rice cakes are the best to get energy as it is full of carbohydrates which give instant energy to your body and make you full fill.


Ingredients: rice and butter

Preparations: Melt the butter, then stir in the rice and let it cook for three to four minutes.

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