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What Are Marijuana Moon Rocks? Explained

Cannabis products called marijuana moon rocks are made of a cannabis bud, dipped in cannabis concentrate, and rolled in kief (a collection of loose, dust-like trichomes, or resin glands). Moon rocks have a great deal of power.

Because of their high THC content, they are prized and occasionally referred to as “cannabis caviar.” Because of their resemblance to moon rocks and their capacity to produce astronomical highs that cause users to feel as though they are “on the moon,” these substances have earned the nickname “moon rocks.”

West Coast rapper Kurupt, who worked with musician Dr. Zodiak to develop his own variety dubbed Kurupt Moonrocks, is credited with popularizing this cannabis-related product. Moon rock has undergone a great deal of variation since it first gained popularity, including high-CBD, THC-free varieties.

What Do Marijuana Moon Rocks Contain?

When making marijuana moon rocks, you dip a cannabis nugget or bud in your preferred concentrate (e.g., hash oil). Due to its higher THC content, the “Girl Scout Cookie” strain is frequently used for buds and concentrates. Any variety, though, can be employed.

Then, these nuggets are rolled in kief, a fine variety of crystallized cannabis resin. In the bottom compartment of a cannabis grinder, kief is typically sieved and collected. After that, the item is dried.

Due to this process, THC levels in moon rocks are frequently very high. Similar to other cannabis products, the potency varies depending on the strain, the amount of cannabis oil used, and how the product was made. However, the majority of moon rocks have a THC content of around 50%, which is much higher than the typical cannabis found in dispensaries, which has a THC content of 20% on average.

How to Apply
Moon rocks from marijuana must first be broken up and placed in a joint, vaporizer, or other cannabis glass accessory before being used. The dense moon rocks have a tendency to clog grinders, so scissors are advised for this process. The use of bongs or glass pipes is recommended because these rocks can be challenging to light and maintain a flame.

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Some moon rock users even suggest setting the rock on top of some regular cannabis flower to make it lighter and keep burning longer. A hemp wick can be used instead, which will shorten the time it takes to light and the amount of butane gas breathed in.

What Emotions Do Marijuana Moon Rocks Inspire?
Smoking moon rocks can result in an intense high that lasts for a considerable amount of time—this is not your typical cannabis experience. This is because these products contain a lot of THC, which has psychoactive properties.

Depending on how much is consumed, the ingredients in the moon rocks, and your previous cannabis use or tolerance, different people will experience different effects from moon rocks. Less tolerant people typically experience effects that are stronger. Increased dosages or THC-rich strains will also intensify the effects.

The moon rock high is frequently described as a full-body high that starts in the head and spreads outward. The high is potent and can cause you to experience:

growth in appetite
higher sociability
increased sensitivity
relaxation as if you are unable or unwilling to move
Pain relief Disorientation and a “spaced-out” feeling
Moon rocks can be compared to cannabis edibles in that they are both intense and “slow burning.” After consumption, the effects should begin to take effect around 30 minutes later and may last for several hours or even until the next waking day.

Possible dangers and negative effects
Because the moon rock experience can be extremely intense for first-time users, marijuana moon rocks are frequently only advised for experienced users. Because the high is so much stronger than with conventional marijuana use, some users may feel overstimulated.

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In addition to the potent high, there may be some rather severe side effects, such as:

  • Anxiety and suspicion
  • Sleeplessness
  • higher heart rate (with possible increased heart attack risk)
  • No memory
  • nauseousness and vertigo
  • respiratory difficulties
  • mouth ache
  • Headaches
  • Dry, irritated, and red eyes

Higher THC levels have also been linked to an increased risk of adverse psychological effects, particularly in first-time marijuana users. Additionally, it’s possible that the high THC content raises the danger of addiction.

You are inhaling toxins and carcinogens, as with any marijuana consumption, which can irritate the throat and lungs. Your risk of contracting an infection or lung cancer may rise as a result.

Guidelines for Safe Use of Cannabis Moon Rocks
If you do choose to use marijuana moon rocks, it is crucial to be fully prepared and to take the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe. These consist of:

consuming food before smoking This will lessen the possibility of experiencing nausea or an escalating appetite as a result of the high THC content. The extreme high might also be lessened.
preserving a secure environment. Make sure you are in a secure location, away from any potential dangers. This will keep you physically secure and encourage mental peace so you can enjoy your high. Being close to a reliable person may also be beneficial.
consuming a lot of water. Staying hydrated is important when using any cannabis-based substance. To prevent dehydration and dry mouth, water should be consumed before, during, and after the experience.
small at first. Space out subsequent doses after starting with a lower dose. By doing this, you can prevent your high from getting out of control.
Buy lawfully. You can be sure that the potency labels are accurate as a result and will know what to expect.
Conclusion: Should You Use Marijuana Moon Rocks?
Cannabis moon rocks may seem like a novel and exciting cannabis experience, but it’s important to carefully weigh the risks and drawbacks of using them. Moon rocks are not recommended for first-time users because they can be very potent even for regular users. Therefore, it’s crucial to use caution when using them. If at all possible, talk to qualified cannabis experts to see if moon rocks are the right choice for you.

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Follow the safety advice above to ensure you can have the most enjoyable experience possible if you weigh the risks and decide to move forward.

Questions and Answers
Marijuana Moon Rocks contain how much THC?
Moon rocks typically contain around 50% THC, though this can vary depending on the strain used to make the bud concentrate and kief.

What is used to make marijuana moon rocks?
A cannabis flower, nugget, or bud is dipped in a cannabis concentrate and rolled in kief to create a marijuana moon rock.

Is it legal to use marijuana moon rocks?
The legality of moon rocks and cannabis differs from state to state in the United States. If you reside in a state that permits the recreational use of cannabis, moon rock use will also be permitted.

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