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Kansas Recreational & Medical Marijuana Laws

What's the real status on Kansas marijuana laws?

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Kansas marijuana laws

While states across the country, starting with Colorado and Washington, have decided to legalize recreational marijuana, Kansas still considers marijuana a controlled substance that should not be recreationally by its residents. In addition, Kansas does not even have medical marijuana legalization, even though about half of the states allow cannabis for medical purposes. In 2014, a sympathetic cannabis bill passed away in a Kansas Senate committee, but future reform is possible.


Kansas medical marijuana law

A proposal passed by the Kansas House Council in 2021 — but stalled in the Senate — would have allowed access to cannabis for patients with an approved list of diagnoses, including Alzheimer’s, cancer, and Parkinson’s disease. The physician writing the prescription must have a relationship with the patient for at least six months. Dispensaries in the state will not be limited, but individual counties can opt-out.

Kansas law on recreational marijuana use

Recreational marijuana is illegal in Kansas. Were there any attempts to legalize recreational marijuana in Kansas? Yes, there has been at least one attempt to legalize recreational marijuana. At this time, Kansas does not allow medical marijuana. However, they have approved CBD for medical use as long as it does not contain THC. In 2021, it was proposed that the state legalize medical marijuana. On May 6, 2021, the House passed home alternatives (H. Sub.) to SB 158, which would create the Kansas Medical Marijuana Regulation Act and the Kansas Medical Marijuana Regulations. However, this has not yet been implemented.


Kansas law on the use of CBD oils

The answer is complicated because there is no black-and-white legislation. The official line is that Kansas residents can buy 0% THC CBD oil. However, those who extract hemp from hemp know that ensuring that there is no THC at all is very difficult. You can buy broad-spectrum CBD oil in KS, but not full-spectrum. The broad spectrum CBD contains a range of cannabinoids but does not contain THC, while the full spectrum includes traces of the intoxicating chemical. CBD isolates are also allowed.

Kansas marijuana penalties

Possession of marijuana (including small amounts for personal use) in Kansas is a crime. The offense is a Class B impersonal misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $1,000, up to 06 months in prison, or both. Second convictions are first-degree impersonal misdemeanors, with possible penalties of up to one 01 in prison, a fine of upto $2,500, or both. The third and subsequent convictions are level five drug felonies, punishable by up to 42 months in prison and a fine of upto $100,000. It is illegal to grow marijuana plants or distribute any amount of marijuana (or possess marijuana with the intent to do so) in Kansas. The term “cultivation” refers to five or more marijuana plants. Punishments vary depending on the offense and whether the accused has previous convictions. Distribute under 25 grams of marijuana. The violation is a level 4 drug felony, punishable by up to 51 months in prison, a fine of upto $300,000, or both. Distribute at least 25 but less than 450 grams of marijuana, or plant more than four but less than 50 marijuana plants. The violation is a level 3 drug felony, punishable by up to 83 months in prison, a fine of upto $300,000, or both.

Iowa Marijuana Laws in relation to the US Federal Government

As stated before, the US federal government still considers marijuana use illegal for United States citizens, immigrants and tourists. While the federal government still calls marijuana an illegal drug, they have left most enforcement of marijuana law to the US States, partly because the federal government has more important things to deal with on a daily basis. This means that Iowa has a lot of freedom to set and enforce their own marijuana laws and CBD policies.

Iowa Law and other US States

Iowa's marijuana and CBD laws and penalties are unique to Iowa. Other U.S. States have different legal rules for medical and recreational marijuana usage within the state, as well as CBD. The states that prohibit certain aspects of marijuana also have varying penalties for violation of their laws.

The best thing to do is to be informed and visit our United States marijuana law pages and our individual US state profile pages regarding marijuana and CBD.

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