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Why Are Edibles More Potent? Medical Cannabis

Everyone has the same crazy edible story. The account starts with them eating a reasonable THC dosage, waiting an hour, not feeling the effects, eating way more, and then struggling with their existence for the next 4 hours.

Why do THC edibles deliver a more potent, potentially halogenic experience than smoking weed? Its not because the dose is more concentrated or more efficient its due to a THC metabolite called 11-hydroxy-THC.

Eating THC sends the compound to the liver where it is converted to the 2-3 times more potent metabolite, 11-hydroxy. While the compound performs the same mechanism to get users high, it is more effective at binding with our cannabinoid receptors.

11-hydroxy also takes longer for the effects to be realized, leading to users taking a dose they can’t handle

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