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Weed Edibles: Effects by Dose

Weed Edibles: Effects as dosage increases.This video covers generally what you can expect to feel on a particular dose of a weed or cannabis edible. Of course, tolerance does play a huge factor, as someone with a high THC tolerance will have to take a much higher dose in order to feel the same effect as someone with a low tolerance. Some psychedelic users also report psychedelic like effects of edibles at high doses and that also gets covered in this video.

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About me

Hello everyone, my name is Wyeth and I originally created this channel to share some insights about life and the universe that I had on psychedelics, and how they can be used to change one’s life for the better. Now, this has evolved into me seeking to dedicate my life to understanding the truth about the nature of reality, the self, and consciousness at the deepest level. Because these subjects deal with the fundamental nature of who we are, I believe knowledge from these fields can be used to help one live a more wholesome and authentic life in all aspects.

I pride myself in taking an anti-dogma approach in my inquiry, therefore I will examine all topics of interest through a variety of lenses. If this of interest to you, I highly suggest you become a Curious Mind by subscribing.

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