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"Walking Dead Hotness" in a Hospital Gown with Trixie and Katya | The Bald and the Beautiful

Fresh off a semi-successful back-alley appendix surgery in the frigid Midwest, Trixie joins Katya to talk about her end-of-life epiphany: from here on out, it’s goodwill, love, and charity forever! Or, in reality, they talk about painful diarrhea, airplane breakfasts, and yeast infections. Either way, here’s some brand-spanking-new Bald content for you filthy peasants.

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About the Podcast:
F*ggy Bald f**ks by day, wildly successful crossdressing bombshells by night. The Bald and the Beautiful with Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamo feature a pair of grizzled gay ghouls exploring the culture boundaries of modern beauty through interviews with gorgeous guests who inhabit various facets of the beauty industry. From models, moguls, influencers, drag queens, adult performers, actors, and more, Trixie and Katya break down the beauty behind it all.

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