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USPS Bans Shipping Vape Cartridges, New York state allows first legal flower medicinal sale

The Vape industry took another shipping hit when the USPS stopped shipping vape cartridges and hardware. The state of New York is going to allow cannabis flower to be sold in existing medical dispensaries but the first is Colombia Care in Rochester, New York. The Labor board in that state also changed its policy about cannabis use outside of work hours, and now that will not be just cause for firing employees. Ten Republican congressmen turn towards cannabis legalization. No movement on the US Senate front. Brandon Jones has a story about an arrest in Missouri and why Cannabis as a cash business is still a dangerous way to do business even in legal commerce between states.
The Green Market Report with Debra Borchardts is back. State reports from Vermont with Jessilyn Dolan, Michigan’s Rick Thompson, Deon Osburn from Oklahoma, Ron Marshalsea with the Bay State Report and INSA’s haul at the High Times Cannabis Cup for Massachusetts. Plus Vote Pro Pot Casts Phil Adams with the DC Report. American Cannabis Report’s Christopher Smith with the California report. Jimmy Young from Pro Cannabis Media anchors with Alaina Pinto from Boston, MA

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