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U.S. Senate Passes Bill Allowing Scientists To Study Cannabis From Dispensaries

Today in cannabis news: The US Senate passes an infrastructure bill that will allow scientists to study cannabis from dispensaries; after the announcement of Andrew Cuomo’s resignation, Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, a cannabis legalization supporter, will fill his spot starting at the end of August; and the Department of Agriculture has approved Colorado’s Hemp Plan.

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First up, the U.S. senate has officially approved an infrastructure bill that will allow researchers to “study the actual marijuana that consumers are purchasing from state-legal dispensaries.” The bill passed with a 69-30 vote.

Earlier versions of the legislation have already addressed and confirmed the language of the access to retail cannabis products for the scientists. It also states that “scientists from states that have not yet enacted legalization should also be able to have access to dispensary products that are being sold in jurisdictions that have ended prohibition.”

Now the bill is currently back in the House for consideration before it makes its way to President Joe Biden for final approval. If approved in addition to numerous cannabis studies and research, the effects of cannabis on impaired driving will be among the highest priority studies.

In the coming weeks we can be expected to see if the bill will be passed or turned down. If passed it will be a significant event and be considered as one of the first “cannabis related moves to come out of the Biden Administration.”


Next up: After the resignation of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, it has been announced that New York Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul will fill his position. Cuomo’s resignation will go into effect on August 24. With this new shift, New York will now have a Governor who supports cannabis and believes that it is “long overdue” in regards to legalization. This could result in a great benefit for the New York cannabis market.

In a Twitter post Hochul said, “It’s time to finally legalize recreational marijuana and create an equitable adult-use cannabis program that generates much-needed revenue for New York.”

As Hochul steps into her position New Yorkers can anticipate the roll out of a cannabis licensing program, the opening of numerous stores as well as new social equity programs for the state. As one chapter comes to an end for the State of New York, another is opening and it could lead to the future of cannabis within the state.


Last Up: The U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved Colorado’s Hemp Plan. The plan will give the department the ability to govern the state’s industry as well as make sure that businesses are staying in compliance with current federal law.

The plan’s approval was announced by Governor Jared Polis and State Agriculture Commissioner Kate Greenberg on August 10th at a media event held at a local hemp farm. At the event Gov. Polis stated, “Colorado is the undisputed leader in the cannabis industry, and our hemp plan is a model for the country.”

The Plan however does create more opportunities for the hemp production in the state including using hemp as a substitute for paper, plastic, fabric, biofuel and more. Greenberg stated that, “This plan approval will pave the way for a greater and more diverse hemp industry here in Colorado.”

Hemp cultivation in the state was first enacted in 2014 and became federally legal in 2018 with the 2018 Farm Bill. Colorado in and of itself is seen as a trailblazer within the cannabis industry, paving the way for adult use of cannabis and now being the first to create the hemp plan.

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