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Truth Talk with Nick Alvear of GOOD LION FILMS

Wednesday Nov 3rd 2021

Welcome to a very special episode of TRUTH TALK. My guest today is such a phenomenal and wonderful loving being, Nick Alvear. Nick is the creator of Good Lion Films, his videos are very informative with incredible information and narration. Nick has been playing such a significant role in waking up the masses with his brilliant videos that you can check out at good lion tv. Nick was also at the capitol on Jan 6th and was detained for 45 days. I will be interviewing Nick on his experience and what happened as well as how he started good lion films. I am truly humbled and blessed and grateful to speak to this wonderful being on these topics.

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Find Nick Alvear at:
Youtube: https://youtube.com/c/TheGoodLionPodcast
Instagram: @brotunda
Website: www.goodlion.tv
Telegram: The Good Lion


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