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Top 10 Secret Warfare Experiments The Government DOESN'T Want You to Know

Top 10 Secret Warfare Experiments The Government DOESN’T Want You to Know
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Governments are known for executing some questionable secret tests on people, towns, animals, etc. From biological warfare experiments to unethical human experiments, let’s take a look at some of the scariest trials on earth with the Top 10 Secret Warfare Experiments The Government DOESN’T Want You to Know.

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:09- The Prisoners
1:07- The Government Operation Big Itch
2:08- The Edgewood Arsenal Dr**g Experiments
2:50- The Plutonium Experiments
3:44- The Victims
4:21- The Warfare Chemicals
5:24- The Holmesburg Program
6:46- The fp45 Liberator
6:33- The Dorset Experiments
8:19- The Irradiation Experiments

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