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This Is How You Get Better Sleep and Improve Your Health | Health Theory

There you will get direct access to Tom and the team PLUS exclusive content, offers, and so much more. Jump on in and get started on becoming legendary! Are you struggling to get a good night’s sleep? Do you find it difficult to fall asleep fast, stay asleep, or get into deep sleep? On this episode of Health Theory, Tom Bilyeu is joined by seven influential speakers to share their seven key tips to getting high-quality sleep for a better life. They discuss why you should seek sunlight during the day, how working out in the morning leads to better sleep at night, how to be conscious of making sleep a priority, why you have to stop eating hours before bedtime, how to eliminate stress in your life for better sleep, how different types of light influence your sleep, and why you should consider cannabis for improving the quality of your sleep.


Intro | Tom opens today’s episode about getting the quality sleep you deserve. [0:05]
Tip #1 | Why you need to be getting as much sunlight as you can. [0:29]
Tip #2 | Why you should be working out in the morning. [2:55]
Tip #3 | Why you need to be conscious of making sleep a priority in your life. [6:43]
Tip #4 | Why you need to stop eating early to protect your sleep. [13:13]
Tip #5 | Why you need to start prioritizing habits that eliminate your stress. [15:56]
Tip #6 | Why you need to be aware of the influence of light on your sleep. [21:45]
Tip #7 | Why you should consider the power of cannabis for improving sleep. [24:27]
Closing | Tom wraps up today’s episode on seven key tips for incredible sleep. [26:58]


“In order to sleep at night, okay, you need a differential between your maximum light exposure and your minimum light exposure.” [1:30]

“With good sleep, our cravings diminish. I mean, even on one night of poor sleep, you consume an excess of calories along the day, anywhere between three and five-hundred calories.” [16:59]

“A lot of people out there are talking about CBD, CBD, CBD, right? Let me be clear, you’d have to have almost two-hundred milligrams of CBD to have any affect on sleep — much lower dosage to help on pain. You want CBN.” [25:12]

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