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This Easy Stock Portfolio Is Making Me (AND YOU) Rich!

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This Easy Stock Portfolio Is Making Me (AND YOU) Rich!
Yesterday the markets rose to record highs with the S&P 500, Nasdaq, and Dow Jones rallying on news that the Federal Reserve will begin tapering by slowing its pace of asset purchases which is the first step in paring back the COVID-era easy money policies. The important part of the FEDs announcement is the tapering will be approximately 15 billion dollars per month for November and December and this adds stability to the markets and increases the likelihood of a good rally to finish the year.

Guys, this is one of my favorite videos to make because it can help everyone and is a low risk set it and forget it type of portfolio that you can copy where I expect we can walk away and come back in one year to see very good profits.

02:49 AAPL Stock Apple Inc
04:27 ABNB Stock Airbnb, Inc
10:52 CELH Celsius Holdings Inc
06:14 DKNG Stock DraftKings Inc
07:07 MSFT Stock Microsoft Corporation
07:55 NVDA Stock NVIDIA Corporation
08:28 PLTR Stock Palantir Technologies Inc
09:03 TSLA Stock Tesla, Inc
05:11 BX Stock The Blackstone Group Inc
09:59 VOO Stock Vanguard ETF

12:05 The Crypto Minute
BTC COIN Bitcoin
ETH Coin Ethereum

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