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The Secret to Care Beyond's Products

From the late 70s up until now, we have all been led down the path that “healthcare” is all about having good insurance so that your doctor can get you the right medications to keep you healthy. Get a checkup, get a physical, get a blood test, get an X-ray, get an EKG, get an MRI, get a mammogram… get all of these tests to determine what type of prescription drug or treatment we need to get. (And you BETTER have health insurance or you are in trouble)

Here’s the thing… almost all western medicine is about following predefined protocols written by pharmaceutical companies that involve specific drug regimens… and usually the ones that are still under patent.. The message that is drummed into our psyche from birth is that we are fully dependent on doctors and pharmaceuticals in order to be safe, healthy and a responsible citizen.

Well, doctors can indeed serve a vital purpose. When your body has gotten to the point that you need one, you’ll thank God when you find a good one. We love good doctors!

Yet there are some secrets to health that pharmaceutical companies DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT., and a lot of doctors steer you away from because they want to conform to the pharmaceutical establishment. Tune in tonight. You’ll find it refreshing..


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