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The Science of CBD Dosing

One of the challenges in the emerging CBD market is the lack of robust clinical research that can be used to guide dosing guidelines. This is especially problematic in people with comorbidities or on other medications who would like to explore taking these products medicinally too. Even so, crowdsourcing the anecdotal data has allowed companies to develop a functional measure of how much CBD is needed for different conditions. This system, albeit lacking in strong foundations in clinical trials, in some ways is good enough. But when it comes to a product we want to promote as medication, we have a responsibility to produce real data from which to work off of.

Table of contents
00:00:21 Introduction
00:04:04 Biggest dosing challenges
00:12:44 Safety of CBD
00:17:09 FDA and CBD
00:19:00 Explaining CBD to your patients
00:26:19 Summary of the talk


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