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The Magic of Living in Real China – 真实中国生活的魔力 – 中文翻译 – Chongqing China – China Vlog 2021

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Living Like Water in China | Being Like Water and Living in China | 像水一样,我的朋友 | Chongqing China | 美国生活重庆中国 | China Vlog 2021

Bruce Lee advised us to be like water and damned if we don’t try to let that trickle down into our everyday lives here in Chongqing China. When it comes to health, entertainment or just sharing a bit of language with a fellow Luzhou ren we always try to try to remember that being like water is like being friends.

Emily is a writer and her husband Peter is an artist and composer from New York City. They have lived in the small city of Luzhou, Sichuan province, China for ten years. Now they’ve moved to Chongqing to make a movie. Subscribe to watch them explore the spiciest city in the world.
Emily 是一位作家,她的丈夫 Peter 是一位来自纽约市的艺术家和作曲家。 他们在中国四川省泸州市的小城市生活了十年。 现在他们搬到重庆拍电影了。 订阅观看他们探索世界上最辣的城市。
Please watch our channel trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSxEqW_Gu8w


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All footage, graphics, writing and music are created by Emily and Peter at Whoop wu Studios. Nothing is outsourced (except the translation when we eventually get that up).

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