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The Espresso Martini Recipe & Cocktail History

You see, the Martini affords a definite air of panache and class. Its origins, nevertheless, are removed from it.

The Martini is solely a combination of gin and vermouth — two pleasant spirits in their very own rights. It’s a completely American drink — legend holds that it was invented throughout the Gold Rush of the mid-1800s within the city of Martinez, California.

You see, there was a dusty fellow in momentary residence there who had simply struck huge on a slab of gold ore. Fancying himself worthy of celebration, he paraded into the native saloon to alleviate himself of his sobriety.

It was right here he requested champagne. The bartender, whose abilities didn’t prolong to stocking his cabinets, had none to supply. No, hassle; he insisted as a substitute on concocting a wholly new creation based mostly on accessible elements: gin, vermouth, a lemon slice, and varied different fine details.

Suffice it to say that the miner was smitten. When he retired along with his hard-won fortunes to San Francisco, he even had a bartender there repeat the drink. Its reputation caught on, and its recipe was printed within the Eighties.

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