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Tamar Wise, Wise Science Consulting. Coming To Your Senses: Terpenes + CBD

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CBD Expo MOUNTAIN 2019, October 10 – 12, 2019, Denver
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Coming To Your Senses: Terpenes + CBD

Tamar Wise, CEO and Founder; Lead Cannabis Science and Busines in Wise Science Consulting. Managing scientific and research operations; setting relevant and science based priorities within the organization; aligning priorities with those of the organization’s overall mission; overseeing research projects; developing new processes/technologies; combining knowledge with leadership skills; promoting efficiency and profitability of the company; staying up-to-date on industry trends; advising and training the organization regarding scientific matters; identifying new research opportunities; coordinating research activities; recruiting scientists and researchers; managing and evaluating personnel; serving various public relations roles; and traveling to meet with executives within the organization.
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For some time, terpenes were considered waste molecules leftover after
extracting CBD. Those times were short-lived, however, since there is an
abundant wealth of scientific literature demonstrating the medicinal merit
of terpenes like beta-caryophyllene, linalool, bisabolol, nerolidol, and
more. For example, nerolidol and linalool are useful in treating anxiety,
whereas beta-caryophyllene is useful in relieving pain. While some patients
may benefit from more one-dimensional CBD products like isolate, the
terpenes native to the plant can help augment the benefits of the extracted
cannabinoid(s). They provide the exquisite bouquets that emanate from the
plants, and drive the organoleptic properties that patients experience.
This panel will discuss the importance of terpenes, and how adding these
precious little molecules back in to CBD oils can differentiate a product
to have a defined medical purpose.

Table of contents
00:00:28 Introduction
00:03:50 What are terpenes?
00:05:43 Typical terpene concentration
00:07:59 Are terpenes medically active?
00:12:00 Terpenes in cannabinoid-infused products and their effect
00:14:25 Terpenes in precision and personalized medicine
00:15:48 Terpene concentration in products
00:19:20 Safety concerns of combusting terpenes
00:23:56 Terpenes on product labels
00:28:28 Q&A


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