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T-Talks – Tinnitus Wellness Discussion – Tinnitus and Sleep

T-Talks – Tinnitus Wellness Discussion – Tinnitus and Sleep

Our September T-Talk – Tinnitus Wellness Discussion will sees T-Minus co-founder Rupert Brown in conversation with Dr Lindsay Browning – Psychologist, Neuroscientist, Author and Qualified Sleep Expert about Tinnitus, Sleep and how you can get a better nights sleep.

Dr Lindsay Browning is a chartered psychologist, neuroscientist, author and sleep expert. She is passionate about helping people to improve their sleep, since sleep is vital for so many aspects of our health and wellbeing.
Dr Browning founded ‘Trouble Sleeping’ in 2006 to help people improve their sleep and wellbeing though sleep therapy and advice based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) – the gold standard treatment for insomnia. As well has helping individuals with their insomnia.

She has a degrees in neuroscience and psychology and a doctorate from the University of Oxford where I investigated the relationship between worry and insomnia. The sleep consultancy advice she offers is based on my expertise in sleep, leveraging the principles of CBT-I and is a drug free intervention. She has also gone on to published a best selling self-help book called: Navigating Sleeplessness

Previous guests have included Audiologists, ENT Specialists, TMJ Physiotherapists, Hyperacusis Specialists, Tinnitus Activists and more professional guests every second Tuesday of the month to answers and support our community who have tinnitus.

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