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SMASHES 100 MG EDIBLE IN 1 SITTING! | CEO Stash Reviews | Dr. Norms Fruity Krispy Rice Bar

Episode 1 CEO reviews the Dr. Norms Fruity Krispy Rice Bar

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One of the perks of being in the cannabis industry is the SAMPLES!!!! And today I’m sharing a review on a recent sample I got, Dr. Norms Fruity Krispy Rice Bar.

It covered all bases for me. It didn’t taste like THC, it was DELICIOUS, and even tho it took some time to kick in (if you seen the video YK lol) it eventually kicked in. I’m not a big fan of edibles but I’m giving it a 8.5/10

I have been in the cannabis industry for some years now and growing up I was a big advocate for the plant. With that being said, any questions? Feel free to comment and ask.


Huge Thank You to @Drnormsofficial

soon after i recorded this video I had the opportunity to meet the daughter and now owner of Dr. Norms (not planned) and it was a great experience meeting the faces behind the product. They have an awesome crew and are dedicated to their craft so make sure to go check them out and tell them who sent ya!!!




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