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Skye Bioscience present pipeline of assets using cannabinoid-derived molecules to treat glaucoma

Skye Bioscience’s (OTCQB:SKYE) Punit Dhillon talks to Proactive London about heir cannabinoid-derived molecules to treat glaucoma, a degenerative disease marked by irreversible vision loss and other challenging diseases with significant unmet needs.

The company is now focused on the development of a groundbreaking treatment for glaucoma which has a market opportunity of nearly $7 billion.

Their lead candidate is THCVHS. VHS refers to the molecule valine-hemi-succinate, which is attached to the THC molecule to aid its delivery directly into the eye by enhancing solubility. This overcomes the challenge of delivering a therapeutic amount of THC into the eye without the resulting side effects caused by systemic delivery. Once inside the eye, THCVHS is converted back into THC by enzymes that clear the VHS arm of the molecule. THC can then perform its potential therapeutic function, which prior human studies have shown can lower IOP.


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