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Season 6, Episode 5: How is Positive Thinking Medicine

The Wendy Love Edge Show does not dispense medical advice and all of your health choices are your own.
Co-Host: Branden Lee
Emily Hartley
Emily Hartley is a certified Strategic Life Coach, EFT Practitioner, Master NLP, and Trauma Professional. She has been highly trained in resolving traumatic memories, teaching coping skills and building a personalized blueprint for a solid foundation. Emily specializes in alternative trauma therapy to navigate depression, anxiety, abuse, addiction, and PTSD. These techniques disrupt the electrical/chemical systems which enables clients to alleviate somatic symptoms and create neurogenesis. For a complimentary consultation contact Emily at 479-244-9328 or email hartleyemotionalhealth@gmail.com.
Zach Ruffo
Zach Ruffo grew up in Lake City Florida since age 3. At age 20, Zach found a passion for the SpeedBag, and he was discovered by Everlast and became the first ever SpeedBag sponsored athlete. He also helped create the annual SpeedBag gatherings. At age 25, he came across a new and upcoming sport known as street-workout where he started iMuscleUp as an original calisthenics team, and further developed it into a action sports brand with Rich Royster, with aim to build people’s confidence and motivation towards being more active. Zach is a husband to Kara Ruffo and father to two amazing children, Olivia and Maximus. Further more; Zach is a big advocate of medical Marijuana with intentions of helping educate people on its benefits.
Hardened and Tempered
Cannabis Expert MD
Candis Dyer #MileHighNews
Miss Teddi #FIMM @learnfromteddi
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