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Republican-led Bill to Legalize Cannabis Anticipated: Increased Chance of Success?

On Weed Talk News this week, can a Republican lead the nation to Federal legalization of cannabis? Freshman Rep. Nancy Mace from South Carolina is making it her personal mission to make a difference by filing a bill that will legalize cannabis on the Federal level, if it gets through the House and the Senate? Jimmy Young talks with Michael Correia the lead lobbyist for the NCIA about its chances, and if a Republican led bill can break the political divide that has stalled all past legalization efforts. Plus Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman both release videos to make their personal push for legalization. The Harvest Cup returns to Massachusetts and Worcester, the Cannabis Capital of the Bay State. Plus the Green Market Report with Debra Borchardt, Rick Thompson from Michigan, Jessilyn Dolan from Vermont, Phil Adams with the DC Report, Introducing @Cannabis Legalization News Thomas Howard from Illinois, Ron Marshalsea from Massachusetts, and American Cannabis Report’s Christopher Smith from California.

What do you guys think? Does this republican Bill have a higher chance of making it through Congress? Let us know what you think in the comments, and please like, share and subscribe !


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