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PharmaTher (PHRM, PHRRF) research collaboration agreement with Revive Therapeutics (RVV, RVVTF)

PharmaTher (PHRM, PHRRF) research collaboration agreement with Revive Therapeutics (RVV, RVVTF) – RICH TV LIVE – November 3, 2021 – PharmaTher Holdings Ltd. (the “Company” or “PharmaTher”) (OTCQB: PHRRF) (CSE: PHRM), a clinical-stage psychedelics biotech company, is pleased to announce it has entered into a research collaboration agreement with Revive Therapeutics Ltd. (“Revive”) (OTCQB: RVVTF) (CSE: RVV) (FRANKFURT:31R), a specialty life sciences company focused on the research and development of therapeutics for medical needs and rare disorders, to evaluate the delivery of psilocybin with PharmaTher’s proprietary microneedle (“MN”) patch technology for neuropsychiatric disorders. #pharmather #revivetherapeutics #richtvlive #trading #stocks #business #news #finance #psychedelics #chart #analysis #pennystocks #money #investing #psilocybin #phrm #rvv #phrrf #rvvtf

PharmaTher is currently conducting IND-enabling research studies with MicoDose-MN™, a patent-pending biocompatible and biodegradable gelatin methacryloyl microneedle patch, to deliver psilocybin to support an IND application with the FDA for clinical studies in 2022. Research results with MicroDose-MN™ for psilocybin will be made available in November 2021.

The Company is also conducting research studies with its MicoDose-MN™ and MacroDose-MN™ patch as a next generation delivery system for psychedelics with ketamine, 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (“MDMA”), lysergic acid diethylamide (“LSD”), and N, N-dimethyltryptamine (“DMT”). Also, the Company has decided to expand research to include ibogaine and mescaline.

The Company’s MicroDose-MN™ and MacroDose-MN™ patches have the potential to efficiently penetrate the stratum corneum layer (outer layer of the skin), enable flexible drug load capacity and combinations, and control-release delivery, which may overcome the potential drawbacks of oral administration, subcutaneous injections, topical and nasal delivery systems.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Revive in achieving their product portfolio objectives with psilocybin. Our microneedle patch technologies aim to become a next generation delivery system for psychedelics for various indications and healthcare environments. Although our focus remains on building our ketamine-based product pipeline, we will continue to partner with specialty pharmaceutical companies seeking a delivery solution for psychedelics and proprietary drugs to unlock significant value and return on investment for PharmaTher,” said Fabio Chianelli, CEO of PharmaTher.

Michael Frank, CEO of the Company, commented, “Our focus is developing and commercializing a specialty psilocybin-based product portfolio, and the research collaboration with PharmaTher complements our psilocybin product offerings as potential treatments for mental illness, substance abuse and neurological disorders. We believe there is no one-fits-all product profile solution with psilocybin. For psilocybin to be a next-generation therapeutic, different use and delivery forms will be required to achieve the intended target indications. As such, we aim to become a leader in psilocybin-based solutions for unmet medical needs by collaborating with companies that have intellectual property and experience in their delivery technologies, such as PharamTher.”

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