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NSW Delta disaster worsens, border police uncover over 145kg of cannabis | 9 News Australia

NSW recorded 681 local COVID-19 cases yesterday, its highest number since the pandemic started as fully vaccinated residents could see more freedoms in early to mid-October. A Sydney man has allegedly been caught attempting to cross Queensland’s border with145 kilograms of cannabis in his van. Subscribe and 🔔: https://bit.ly/2noaGhv | Get more breaking news at 9News.com.au: https://bit.ly/2nobVgF

0:00 NSW Delta disaster
1:20 National vaccine boost
1:54 Melbourne quarantine outrage
3:19 Queensland no jab, no entry
4:15 Border bust
5:09 Afghan mercy mission
5:32 Chefs urge Aussies to get the vaccine

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