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Medical Cannabis Prescribing for GPs

Medical cannabis is fast-becoming a frequently asked about topic between patients and GPs in the UK, as demonstrated by the Primary Care Cannabis Network’s 2021 Survey which spoke to over 1000 GPs about their attitudes towards cannabis-based medicines: the survey found that more than two thirds of GPs in the UK are asked about medical cannabis by their patients at least every six months. Pressure is mounting for the government to review its policy to allow GPs to prescribe freely in the UK, as is currently possible in Jersey and Guernsey. With that in mind, it has never been more crucial for UK GPs to be armed with the information and ready to prescribe, anticipating what many feel is an inevitable change in legislation.

02:50 ‘Access to medical cannabis through Project Twenty21’ – Mags Houston, Head of Project Twenty21
15:22 ‘Medical Cannabis, a GP’s Perspective’ with highlights from the 2021 GP survey by the PCCN – Dr Leon Barron
36:53 ‘What we can learn from 2 years of GPs being allowed to prescribe in Australia’ – Dr Mark Smith
48:36 ‘Cannabis in Jersey. One year on.’ – Dr Mark Wilbourn
1:02:05 ‘Benefits of GP prescribing and shared care for medical cannabis patients in the UK’ – Dr Dani Gordon
1:14:37 Panel discussion with Q&A, featuring four GP experts including Dr Charlotte Cocks, Dr Harrison Offiong, Dr Mark Wilbourn and Dr Leon Barron

If you are a medical professional interested in prescribing medical cannabis, please email prescribers@drugscience.org.uk and a member of our team will get back to you.


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