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MCDIY Live with the Admins Feb 7th, 2022

Medical Cannabis DIY’s Monday Livestream event- Broadcast every Monday at 8pm Central Standard time.

Tonight we will talk about some upcoming events in Illinois and maybe some math?

My name is Mike McGee. I am an Illinois medical cannabis patient and founder of the Medical Cannabis Recipes Community. “A Patient helping Patient” community on Facebook.

I am not a Doctor or medical professional and we do not give out medical advice. I am a patient sharing what I have learned to help other medical cannabis patients save money by making their own “DIY” cannabis medication capsules, tinctures, oils. We provide a safe environment for all patients to ask questions and receive help, advice, and support!

ALL of the information contained in this video is intended for legal use by medical cannabis patients and their caregivers.

“Medical Cannabis DIY”, it’s Administrators, Moderators accept no responsibility for any non-legal uses of the information contained in this video.

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