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MBPP EP. 670 – Nick Hiebert: Seed Oils Aren't As Bad As You May Think ft. Guest Host Chris Bell

Nick is a former student of Human Nutritional Science and Linguistics, and studied at the University of Manitoba. He currently works as a blogger, content creator, and nutrition science communicator, and has also contributed work script-writing for HumanOS as well as beta-testing for Cronometer. Nick is also the sole creator of the Nutri-Dex, a novel nutrition ranking tool designed to score hundreds of foods according to the personal nutrition goals of the user.
Tucker Goodrich vs Alan Flanagan Debate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZT6MPylYUHA&t=2135s
Article referenced on air: https://www.the-nutrivore.com/post/a-comprehensive-rebuttal-to-seed-oil-sophistry
Where to find Nick:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/The_Nutrivore
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thenutrivore
Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/thenutrivore
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/rDFYJMCCmM
Nutri-Dex: https://www.the-nutrivore.com/nutri-dex

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Time stamps:
00:00 – Episode Preview
01:03 – MarekHealth.com Code PowerProject10 to save 10% off labs!
02:46 – Quick background on Seed Oils
04:55 – Is it the seed oils or is it what it comes with?
06:27 – Nick joins the podcast – How he got into all this mess
07:49 – What if seed oils are heated up?
10:05 – How does red meat increase disease risk?
12:44 – How to practically implement this info into your life?
14:32 – Study proving vegetable oils are healthy
16:36 – Exact health benefits of vegetable oils
17:49 – What is APOB?
18:30 – Better off eating lean meat plus unsaturated fats?
19:40 – Is this person to person dependent or blanket info?
21:03 – Tucker Goodrich & Alan Flanagan debate review
26:30 – Grass Fed vs corn fed matter?
28:09 – Biggest criticism Nick has with Tucker’s argument
31:18 – Upper healthy limit of Saturated fat
36:16 – Best lean meats to eat
37:00 – If Nick could do any study ever, what would it be?
39:09 – Should you remove seed oils all together at once?
41:55 – Research on groups that eat a lot of seed oils?
43:45 – Maybe vegetable oils aren’t that important?
44:38 – Disagreements with Tucker Goodrich
46:21 – Getting frustrated and beef with Tucker
50:29 – Lean Mass Hyper Responder
53:26 – It’s hard to find the truth
1:00:10 – Where to find Nick online
1:01:05 – Studies have so many variables
1:02:20 – We just don’t have control
1:03:14 – Does ANY of this matter if we have healthy habits?
1:06:30 – Would be fun to see the debate between Nick and Tucker
1:07:37 – It’s ok if this DOES matter for you
1:08:50 – Show wrap up

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