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Know Your Rights – Answers to Your Questions on Utah's Medical Cannabis Laws | Discover Marijuana

DISCLAIMER: The following presentation is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute official legal advice. Contact your attorney for further clarification on legal matters in your jurisdiction.

Utah Therapeutic Health Center’s Tim Pickett and WholesomeCo Inc.’s J.D. Lauritzen hosted an online session to help educate you about the laws surrounding Utah’s Medical Cannabis program.

Introductions [00:10]
Utah’s Medical Cannabis Act — A Brief Timeline [04:40]
Current Legal Medical Cannabis Requirements in Utah [07:48]
Forms That Aren’t Allowed [09:52]
Purchase and Possession Quantity Limits [12:06]
Where Can I Legally Vape or Ingest Cannabis? [16:02]
What to Do If You Are Stopped By Law Enforcement [20:01]

Can I Buy A Gun If I’m a Medical Cannabis Cardholder? [22:06]
Cannabis is Illegal in Federal Buildings and on Federal Lands [23:58]
Your Gun Rights As a Utah Medical Cannabis Cardholder [23:40]
Concealed Firearm Permits [23:58]
Private Firearms Sales to a Restricted Person [25:17]
You May Have To Choose Between Being a Gun Owner and a Medical Cannabis Cardholder [26:00]

Treating Cannabis as Another Strong Medication [26:57]
Secondhand Smoke [27:50]
Cannabis, Breastfeeding, and Pregnancy [27:54]
Don’t Mix Cannabis With Alcohol or Other Drugs [28:29]
Your Treatment as a Medical Cannabis Patient in the Justice System [29:34]
Talking To Your Kids About Medical Cannabis [30:32]

Can I Grow My Own Cannabis at Home? [31:33]
THC Testing Methods [34:18]
Will a Medical Card Protect My Job If My Employer Tests Me for THC? [36:47]
Isn’t It Good Enough That My State and Many Others Have Legalized Cannabis? [38:48]
Am I Better Off Having a Medical Card Than Not Having One? [40:49]
Info for a Medical Cannabis Patient on Probation [43:50]
Can I Become a Nurse If I’m a Medical Cannabis Patient? [46:18]
What If My Vaporizer Device Gets Too Hot and Accidentally Burns My Cannabis? [49:45]
What Do I Need to Legally Carry My Cannabis? [51:12]
Will Utah Address Medical Cannabis Price Fixing in Future Legislation? [53:00]
More Info for Gun Owners [56:16]
Is It Legal for Me to Make My Own Edibles/Butter? [58:53]


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