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Kam the Dj will be in Da House this Tuesday November 9 2021

Kam the DJ will be at Hawkesbay Georgia Avenue, it would be an spectacular show! Come and enjoy the show with all of the Hawkesbay Team.

Hawkesbay Wellness Center is your new local community wellness center. A wellness center that focuses on healing and improving the community, improving local individuals as well as the well being of our neighbors.

Rather than simply define our product by percentages, Hawkesbay experts sample every strain to fully understand the effects of its distinctive mix of properties – from cannabinoids to terpenes. The resulting sensory experience is then designated as either. The HB team has worked diligently over the last 20 months to curate a proprietary family of strains, and edibles featuring a flavor profile for every individual. This purveyor of CBD provides the best result for relief of stress and pain.


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