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How Cannabis Helped One Congresswoman's PTSD

On last week’s Weed Talk News, when asked about why a Republican from South Carolina would introduce a new Federal reform of cannabis bill, NCIA’s Michael Correia hinted that it was a personal issue that was the motivation for SC Congresswoman Nancy Mace to file a Federal legalization of cannabis bill. This week the South Carolina Republican Representative told her story on FOX Business News explaining her own personal use of cannabis after a sexual assault as a teenager. The FDA continues to dance around and delay any regulations about the infusion of CBD into products. West Virginia opens its first medical dispensary. Rock and Sopranos legend Steven Van Zandt brings his Underground Apothecary to Canna Provisions in Holyoke, Mass.
Plus who has the best weed in Massachusetts? The Harvest Cup results from Worcester draws celebrities and thousands to the Cannabis Capital of the Bay State. Ron Marshalsea has the results in the Massachusetts report.
Debra Borchardt with the Green Market Report.
Christopher Smith from California. Rick Thompson in MIchigan, Brandon Jones in Missouri, Jessilyn Dolan from Vermont. Alaina Pinto Anchors for Pro Cannabis Media.


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