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GWMFG #153: Broscience Bowl, fem seeds, indica/sativa labels, nail in stem, canna-myth busting

Growing with my fellow growers #153

This is the week of the super bowl we have a short panel but amazing turnout from the chat. Host @JackGreenstalk is joined by @spartangrown or spartangrown@gmail.com , @Zenthanol aka @synchangel who can be found on patreon www.patreon.com/zenthanol , @Dr MJ Coco of cocoforcannabis.com ,@pure_breeding kyle breeder of pbreeding.com , and @theamercianone_with_achenes on instagram @TheAmericanOne on youtube also jojns as well. we missed @noatheegrowa , @rust.brandon from bokashiearthworks.com , @atgacres aaron the grower atgacres.com

this week the panel starts off discussing some claims about cannabis nomenclature and feminized seed making process. Kyle shares his processes he’s done to make feminized seeds. we discuss a number of topics from nails thru stem near harvest, to drought stress, crystals, the indica/sativa labels misrepresentations and alternatives. We also discuss the entourage vs the ensemble effect concepts, and explore the difference between cannabis derived compounds vs compounds found in other plants in nature. The implications of natural ratios found in plant compared to distillates recombined in similar ratios. We also discuss at length the importance of education, of patients, customers, doctors, politicians and anyone we can get to listen about the positive impacts cannabis can have on our lives and the lives of others. peace!


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