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Galaxy Treats Delta 9 Gummy Review but is it better than the Hometown Hero Select Spectrum D9 Gummy?

It’s review time except I’m changing up the way I do the review videos. I start out the video and take a gummy. I will take a 30 minute break and come back on for part 2. After an hour, I come back on for the final part 3.

Stick out until the end, you won’t be disappointed.

Both are available in store as well as online

For the Mango/Pineapple Moon Babes click https://www.ednasunbaked.com/delta-9-tropical-kush-gummies/

For the Mango Hometown Hero gummies click

Don’t forget there are other flavors available as well as all of our edibles are at https://www.ednasunbaked.com/edibles/

Thanks so much for tuning in and hope you all enjoyed it.

Happy New Year!


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