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Episode 171 — Ryan Sprague: The Cannabist: Healing Through Science and Ceremony

How can you get the most out of cannabis?

Listen to an expert like Ryan Sprague, a pioneer in the Conscious Cannabis movement, who coaches clients on how to engage with the plant in this discerning Living 4D podcast.

Learn more about Ryan on his Highly Optimized podcast and on social media via Facebook and Instagram here and here.

For Living 4D listeners: Save $500 on Ryan’s 10-week Connect With Cannabis course (https://www.highlyoptimized.me/) by using the promo code CHEK10.

More resources for this episode are available on our website at https://chekinstitute.com/blog/podcast-episodes/episode-171-ryan-sprague-the-canabist-healing-through-science-and-ceremony/

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