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EPISODE #144 Cannabis Production: Vertical Integration vs Specialisation with Peter Emil Sigetty, C

In our latest episode, we’re joined by Peter Sigetty – COO of Valcon Medical – Danish medical cannabis contract manufacturers of Pharmaceutical-Grade Cannabis Extracts.

Within the context of the European medical cannabis supply and value chain, we explore the dynamics of vertical integration and how sector specialisation can help businesses navigate the complexities of the European market.

About Peter Emil Sigetty

Peter Emil Sigetty is co-founder and COO of Valcon Medical. Peter holds a M.S.c in Economics & Business Administration and has a professional background in finance and accounting. Peter has worked in the medical cannabis industry since it’s inception in Denmark in 2018 where Valcon Medical was founded. 

Europe cannot be treated as a whole when it comes to medical cannabis
I believe as the scope and product variation and the patient base grows, [medical cannabis]  will be more commonly recognized [by doctors]. But there will always be reluctance.


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