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Chronic Pain & Recovery | Sam Visnic | Ep. 251

Chris Scott interviews Sam Visnic, a California certified massage and corrective exercise therapist and founder of Release Muscle Therapy. They discuss chronic pain, exercise, physical therapy, and how everything can relate recovery.

About Sam:
Sam Visnic is a California certified massage and corrective exercise therapist with over 18 years of experience. He founded Release Muscle Therapy, a results-focused Temecula massage therapy and personal training business. Sam is committed to integrating pain science and the science behind massage therapy to create a great coaching experience for clients.

Release Muscle Therapy Website: https://releasemuscletherapy.com/
Sam’s YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/samvisnic

00:00 Introduction
01:45 Sam’s Background
05:40 More to Chronic Pain Than We Think
16:55 The Role of Endorphins in Chronic Pain
21:06 How to Get Started Managing Chronic Pain
33:46 Explaining Fibromyalgia & Other Pains
48:23 Avoid Pain By Understanding Pain
58:37 Where to Find Sam & His Services
1:02:57 Conclusion

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