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CBD Edible Salve-My Experience Day 1 & 2

Tea Time anyone?

Good Morning and welcome to my first video!

HEADS UP: For some reason I keep saying that today is the 5th but its the 4th. 😀 Sorry!!!

I have been struggling with pain my whole life, but, as I have gotten older, more diagnosis have surfaced. I have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, migraines, and Plica Syndrome within the last three years. As I am learning about these different diagnosis, I am also learning about different types of treatments. I have been prescribed Mobic (for knee pain), different pain killers including Viodin and Percocet, migraine breakthrough medicine (Isomethepetene-Dichl), and Zoloft for my depression. Needless to say, I want to look into other options since I am tired of dipping into big Pharma drugs since they have NOT been working for me. With the help of my amazing mom, I have found CBD oil and, at this point, I am willing to try anything!!

Please keep in mind that I am NOT a professional. I am learning and recording my experiences and results as I go! I hope to help not only myself get better but share my story to help others (:

Thanks for watching!!!

Green Mountain CBD site- https://www.greenmountaincbd.com
Edible Salve- https://www.greenmountaincbd.com/30ml-jar


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