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Cannabis Overview: Czech Republic & Colombia

In this video we discuss cannabis developments in the Czech Republic and Colombia with Thomas Walker from Walker Cultivation. Thomas has had direct experience working with licensed cannabis cultivators in Colombia and is also now living in the Czech Republic and active in the market.

We address key regulatory dates and how patient access looks in each of the regions. Especially as it relates to medicinal cannabis and responsible adult-use. We also compare access for THC and CBD products. In the Czech Republic information on patient numbers is more readily available. With the Czech Rep showing strong patient growth. Colombia has seen a massive uptick in licensed cultivators since 2016, however we highlight some of the obvious pitfalls and challenges with too many licensed cultivators in a region. Colombia is also defined by 4 license formats with psychoactive/psychotropic licenses being split by a 1% THC content threshold. The 1% THC threshold also is raised again with regards to the Czech Republic setting hemp definitions at this point.

We also discuss the INCBs involvement as it relates to each of these countries.

Enjoy the video for more robust information on each of these respective countries.

Host: Jeff Verlinden
Mobile: +27 63 291 3334/Local 063 291 3334
Email: jeff@separations.co.za

Guest Speaker: Thomas Walker
Walker Cultivation
Email: thomas@walkercultivation.com


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