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Cannabis Legalization News Turns 3 | Amazon Wants to Legalize It & More

Cannabis Legalization News Turns 3 | Amazon Wants to Legalize It & More

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⌚Video Time Stamps:
Intro: 00:00
Miggy420 Joins: 00:24
News going to cover: 00:48
Some conversation: 1:27
News.1: 2:17
News.2: 8:09
Some conversation: 16:24
420 somewhere (small break): 19:41
Cannabis business mastermind offer: 19:52
Some conversation: 20:56
News.3: 23:21
Some conversation: 26:23
News.4: 28:20
Some conversation: 32:27
Segment- Name that strain: 33:05
News.5: 33:58
Some conversation: 36:30
Continue- Name that strain: 37:05
Some conversation: 37:30
News.6- International news: 39:23
Some conversation: 43:48
Outro: 53:21

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