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Cannabis Caregiver Goes Recreational – Pure Options in Lansing, Michigan

Cannabis Caregiver Goes Recreational – Pure Options in Lansing, Michigan

In this Michigan episode of Deep Roots, Garret travels from Traverse City to Lansing and back again to meet up with the crew at Pure Options. Join Garret as he explores cannabis and culture in the “mitten state!”

Pure Options operates Michigan’s premier provisioning centers, dedicated to creating a safe environment for learning about how cannabis can help people live their lives to the fullest.

When you visit one of Pure Options’ Michigan provisioning centers, you’ll find curated selection of their carefully cultivated and processed cannabis products. Pure Options aims to create a community around cannabis and focus on education and accessibility in everything that they do.

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Table of Contents:
00:00 Opening
00:42 Garrett breaks bread with the Pure Options team in northern Michigan
05:30 Veg room with Cultivation Manager Jacob Nelson featuring the Flora series by General Hydroponics and their new Quest 506.
08:49 Veg Room 2 with Ryan Aho featuring the Gavita CT1030e, Botanicare benches, and
12:40 Flower Room with Jacob. Featuring Can Filters, Archive Seeds, and some beautiful Rocket Fuel.
15:28 Post Harvest with Dave and Patrick Kettler
18:55 Garrett borrows a sweater and enters the freezer and meets Brett from Driven Grow
20:15 House of Dank medical dispensary in Traverse City with Ryan
23:03 Garrett regroups with the Pure Options team for drinks, cannabis, and conversation
Featured Strains (nothing for sale)
Gelato Dosi, Secret Formula, Moonbow 112, Adam’s OG, Big Block, Biohazard, Biscotti, Borrello, Bubba Diagonal, Caesar, Candy Rain 9, Cherry Punch 3, Citrus Farmer, Cookies and Cream, Crunch Berries, Deuces, Donkey Butter, Garlic Breath, Gelato 33, Gello, Gorilla Glue 4, GMO, Gorilla Breath, Grape Pie, Holy Grail, Hot Mints, Kosher Kush, Kush Mints, London Pound Cake, Lunar Lemon, Maui Diesel, Mendo Breath, Milk & Cookies, Mimosa, Mochi, Motor Breath, Motor Cake, OGKB, Peanut Butter Breath, Pink Runtz, Platinum Zkittles, Pure Gold, Rainbow Belts, Rose Gold, Secret Formula, Sour Kush, Triple Chocolate Chip, Wedding Cake, Wedding Crasher

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