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Cannabinoids See Explosive Growth Opportunity | Chris Meiering, InMed Pharmaceuticals

While the rare cannabinoid market is an emerging industry, it’s entering an acute phase as technology and scale combine to change industry growth dynamics. Once exclusively a biotech research company, InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Nasdaq: INM) has entered the arena through its recent acquisition of BayMedica Inc.

While the mainstream adoption of rare cannabinoid consumer demand won’t happen overnight, InMed is betting that BayMedica will position itself as a pre-eminent entrant in an industry expected to grow at over 20% CAGR for the next half decade.

InMed Pharmaceuticals is already recognized as a global leader in the research and development of rare cannabinoids medications. As the first to advance Cannabinol (CBN) into clinical trial, InMed has programs in dermatology & ocular underway—including Phase 2 studies underway for CBN topical cream in eight countries. Now, through BayMedica, InMed adds a business that will produce revenue well in advance of any potential FDA approval in its clinical trial program.

0:00 Intro
0:56 What Chris Meiering Do In The Cannabinoid Industry & Why BayMedica Is Viewed As A Desired Company Within The Space
2:04 Pharma viewing the whole cannabinoid industry
3:23 Why Aid It Make Sense To Be Acquired By InMed Pharmaceuticals?
5:42 How Cannabinoid Industry Is Evolving
7:15 What Changes Have FDA Implemented
8:08 BayMedica Acquisition
9:21 Chris Meiering Thoughts on Congress
10:28 CBD-V, And THC-V, Variants Of CBD And THC, Demand
11:08 How BayMedica Solve InMed’s Major Challenges
12:21 Robust Portfolio
13:33 Executives From The Big Pharma Industry Pivoting Into Cannabis Industry?
15:11 Why BayMedica Utilize Third Party Manufacturers And What’s The Advantage Of That Approach?
17:41 Finalizing

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