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Blunt Business – What's Next for Cannabis in 2022-Part 2

What’s Next for Cannabis in 2022-Part 2: What Federal Government Will Get Done to Help the Cannabis Industry in 2022. Cannabis CEOs aren’t waiting around for the US government to legalize. Some are eyeing international markets for expansion. The CEOs say they expect narrow reform around banking ahead of legalization. If you really wanted to create an industry that’s dependent on gangs and cartels, make it all cash. It’s almost like the system that is there now is oriented towards promoting things that we don’t want,” said Sen. John Hickenlooper (D-Colo.), speaking at The Hill’s Regulating Cannabis event. If you own or operate a cannabis-related business, don’t expect to jump on the refinancing bandwagon the next time home loan interest rates drop. In fact, your best bet is probably to purchase your home—and any other assets—outright, in cash. Because cannabis is still federally illegal, FDIC-insured banks are unlikely to consider income from a marijuana business in a mortgage application, which eliminates the possibility of homeownership for many cannabis business owners. If you can’t afford to buy a home without financing, you may need a cosigner, and you’ll probably pay higher rates and fees to offset your apparent risk. In that same vein, cannabis businesses can’t generally apply for standard business loans, removing a layer of financial protection that’s available to most entrepreneurs.


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