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Blake Smith of Zion Medicinal | Utah in the Weeds #87

Episode 87 of Utah in the Weeds features Blake Smith, Chief Science Officer at Zion Medicinal. Blake frequently collaborates with us in educating the public about Medical Cannabis, and we were happy to invite him back for another episode of Utah in the Weeds.

Tim and Blake reminisced about the last couple of years working in Utah’s ever-changing cannabis industry. [02:17]

Blake talked about Zion Medicinal’s growth over the last two years and some of the products they’re producing now. [05:22]

They talked about the customizability of a Medical Cannabis treatment plan. Patients can experiment with different ratios of THC, CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids to tailor their treatment. [11:30 ]

Blake responded to recent research about cannabinoids and COVID-19. He says the research isn’t quite as exciting as sounds, and he explains why. [13:44]

Tim noted reproducibility has been a challenge in the cannabis research field, and for science as a whole. Blake explained some of the challenges in conducting pharmaceutical research. [16:12]

Both Tim and Blake appreciate the enthusiasm with which Utah’s Medical Cannabis patients have provided feedback about their treatment. [21:32]

Next, they talked about the current state of Utah’s Medical Cannabis program and the changes they’d like to see. [25:12]

Blake talked about entering the retail space in Cedar City and his philosophy of making a wide variety of products available. [33:14]

He also spoke about the plans for Bloom Medicinals to begin a delivery service. [39:16]

Blake is also involved in cannabis-related projects in other states and even in other countries. One project involves producing hemp-based products for pets. Blake says cannabis products for pets should be made with the same high-quality materials used in making products for humans. [40:54]

The pair reflected on the quality of Utah’s cannabis products before shifting to a discussion about Medical Cannabis legislation. [44:13]

Blake talked about Delta-8 THC and another lesser-known synthetic cannabinoid called HPP. [45:27]

Blake says it’s “silly” to define hemp according to a low THC percentage. A hemp producer, he says, could still legally make a product with several milligrams of THC. The key to making that type of product legal is basing it around a dense food product. [50:06]

Tim and Blake then discussed potential legislation regarding cannabis, and the continuing need for quality assurance in cannabis products. [51:07]

We wrapped with a quick discussion of a new video series to help Discover Marijuana viewers get to know Tim and Blake. [57:18]

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