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Are We There Yet? Standardization and Traceability

CBD is being added to lots of different products, from water to ice cream, to juice bar smoothies. There are capsules, gummies, hot sauce, honey, coffee, beer, wine, powders, oils, topicals, and cosmetics. Everyone wants a piece of the CBD pie. South Floridians can even get a slice infused with CBD. Out of breath yet? Are we there yet? The thing is that science has not quite caught up to mushrooming boom of products on the market. Standardization of product formulation relies on the standardization of product testing, and, to date, the latter just hasn’t happened yet. Many states have very different rules regarding what must be tested and how much of a specific contaminant is considered safe. Thus, national, consensus guidelines must be adapted to establish consistency across protocols, as the current CBD supply chain is far behind in establishing traceability from start to finish. And with a substance with as much medicinal merit as CBD, it’s important to establish defensible, standardized analytics to ensure accurate product claims and labels.

Table of contents
00:00:10 Intro
00:03:17 Protocol standardization vs proficiency standardization
00:06:44 Reference material in cannabinoid testing
00:13:48 Diversity
00:20:20 Compliance
00:26:08 Testing program
00:34:24 Costs


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