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7 Tips To Enjoy Your First Edible Experience

Join Chef Jazz as she shares her 7 Tips to Enjoy Your First Edible Experience.

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About Chef Jazz:
Chef Jazz (Jazmine Moore) grew up in a unique household. Her mother was both a restaurateur who cooked a wide variety of food and a firm believer of homeopathic remedies. Chef Jazz grew up knowing that foods have their own medicinal properties, and that eating well was the foundation of health.

After Culinary College and wanting to share her unique knowledge with others, she started offering friends and family an “edible experience” designed to provide an elevated dining experience. Her meals and gatherings were a huge hit in Washington DC amongst area patients. After the passing of Initiative 71 (voter-approved ballot legalizing the use of cannabis) it wasn’t long before she was offering this service to serve a wider demographic which gave life to Green Panther Chef. Since then Green Panther Chef has expanded their portfolio to include: Culinary CBD products, Wellness Consulting and Educational Cooking Classes.



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