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38 years old mysterious man dug a tunnel in the rock to discover

In this video there will be many ancient remains of our ancestors. Some of the findings will seem quite mystical and still unexplainable. You may have already heard about the mummy of a gnome and a man who dug a tunnel about 2 kilometers long alone. And on the other side of the planet, about 1000 teeth were found in one place, and you will also see the skeleton of a Bavarian princess. Ancient Roman horseshoes and a horse’s head, as well as other archaeological finds.
00:00 ► Intro
00:11 ► Salzburg parallelepiped
01:24 ► Excavations at the site of the biblical city of Cer
02:57 ► Horse head from an ancient Roman statue
04:23 ► Four Roman horseshoes
05:20 ► The oldest fossils in Turkey
06:14 ► 1000 teeth instead of treasures
07:47 ► Bavarian princess skeleton
09:21 ► Dwarf mummy from San Pedro
12:12 ► Miniature modest bird figurine
12:52 ► Rare structures in the ancient city of Doliche
14:36 ► Digging a tunnel for 38 years
A unique story about an ancient little man and a miner alone awaits you in this video! I will not torment you! Hi Friend. You are on the KirTop channel.


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