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Five States That Could Legalize Cannabis in 2021


Five States That Could Legalize Cannabis in 2021

Several more states could legalize adult-use or medical marijuana before their legislative sessions adjourn in 2021, cannabis could be grown at the U.S. Botanic Garden under congressional lawmakers’ request, cannabis advocates have a new strategy for passing federal legalization, and more cannabis news! Today at 2 PM CST.

Shout out to @SmokingEurope for sending in today’s Name That Strain!
Footnotes (Headlines to Google):
0:00 – Start of Show
2:50 – How to Open a Dispensary in Ohio (Cannabis Industry Lawyer)
4:36 – These states could still legalize recreational or medical cannabis in 2021 (MJ Biz Daily)
11:03 – Louisiana Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Legalization Bill In Committee (Marijuana Moment)
16:38 – Americans From Both Parties Want Weed To Be Legal. Why Doesn’t The Federal Government Agree? (FiveThirtyEight)
22:47 – Advocates Float New Strategy To Pass Marijuana Legalization In Senate, With Democratic Support In Question (Marijuana Moment)
39:13 – Weed Put Robert Franklin in Prison. He’s Begging Mike Parson to Get Him Out (River Front Times)
42:41 – Cannabis Could Be Grown At U.S. Botanic Garden Under Congressional Lawmakers’ Request (Marijuana Moment)
45:15 – New York’s marijuana social equity program eyed as possible game changer (MJ Biz Daily)
53:05 – Carbon footprint labels could be coming to cannabis (Hemp Industry Daily)
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